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Things to do in the Cotswolds during the school summer holidays in Gloucestershire what's on

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Summer Activities at Taurus Crafts

Wednesday 24 July - Sunday 1 September 2019

Lots of activities throughout the school Summer holiday (Click pdf for dates): 

 document  Taurus Crafts Summer Activities 2019
 (44.73 KB)


Candle dipping
Make a candle by dipping into different coloured wax to create a rainbow effect.
£4 (15-20min approx) Age 6+.

Stone carving
with Cat’s Eye Carving.  Learn to carve on a 4 inch square piece of limestone.
£15 (30 min) Age 5+.
10.30-12.30 and  1.45-4.30

Gold panning

Try your hand at gold panning, discover the history of this technique.
£4 (20min approx) All ages.

Funky flamingo puppet.
With Jenny from Puppet Folk, make a funky flamingo puppet using recycled materials.
£6. (20 min approx) Age 5+ 
11.00-1.00 and 2.00 -5.00

Little tree houses

With Jenny from Puppet Folk, make a tree house and monkey finger puppet using natural and recycled materials.
£10. (20min approx) All ages.
10.00-1.00 and 2.00 -5.00

Cupcake decorating
With Isabel’s Bakehouse decorate a range of delicious cupcakes.
£8 for 4 cupcakes (40min approx) or £5 for 2 cupcakes (20min approx) all ages.

Throw a pot

Experience throwing a pot on a potter’s wheel and take away an un-fired pot.
£10 (20min approx) All ages.

Roaming reptiles
Join Roaming Reptiles for a fun, educational, hands-on experience with snakes, lizards and more.
£2 per child and £2 per adult (as long as you need) All ages.

Soap making

With Bubble & Fizz make unique soaps.
£6. (20min approx, pick up 40-60min later) Age 3+.
10.00-12.30 & 1.00-3.30

Fossil hunting

Find real fossils and sharks teeth, identify them on a fact sheet and select six to take home.
£4 each (20min approx) All ages.


A magical show
Enjoy a fantastical magic show by Arnie Kazam full of laughter, intrigue, and wonder.
£2 per child/£1 per adult (40min) All ages.
12.00-12.40 & 2.00-2.40

Arthur and the bumblebee
Watch a magical puppet show with Lullaby Leesa.
Free or donations (40 min approx) all ages.
10.30, 11.30, 2.00

Make it

Paint a pot
Unleash your inner artist and paint a pottery item to take home the same day.
From £6. (20min approx) All ages.
11.00-1.00 + 2.00-4.00 Sundays. 11.00-1.00 Saturdays

Jewellery making
With Balm, design and make beautiful beaded jewellery.
£4. (20min approx) All ages.

Creature wings
Make amazing angel or dragon wings using wire and material.
£5 (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-4.00

Button bracelets
With Coleg Elidyr create unique pretty button bracelets.
Small £4, Large £5, (30min approx) Age 3+.
10.00-12.30 and 1.00-3.30

Blooming pots
Transform a flowerpot into a work of art and plant a seedling
£6. (30min approx) All ages.

Mini makers
Create a kite or mask using recycled materials.
£4 (20 mins approx) All ages.
11.00-2.00. and 2.00 -4.00

Crowns and wands

Make an enchanted crown and wand using doilies, ribbons and more.
£4.50 (20min approx) all ages.


Floral impressions
Press flowers and plants into clay to create a hanging decoration.
£3. (20min approx) All ages.

Guerrilla gardeners

Make eco-friendly seed bombs.
£3 for 2 bombs. (20min approx) All ages.

Mini dens
Build a mini den for fairies, dragons, monsters, and unicorns to live in, using natural materials.
From £4. (30min approx)  All ages.

Bird feeders
Create your own all natural bird feeder.
£3, (20min approx) All ages.

Origami eco-pots
Make a plant pot using folded paper and plant a seedling.
£3, (30min approx) All ages.

Bug hotel

Make and decorate your own bug hotel to give insects a home.
£4. (30min approx) All ages.

On – trend

Make your own surprise slime, jumbo slime or classic slime with glitter, polystyrene balls & more.
From £4 (30min approx) All ages.


Customise a squishy, choose from a range of squidgy items. (Limited items)
£3 Small, £7 Medium, £8 Large. (30min approx) All ages.

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