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AV8 Bistro & Restaurant Review - September 2007

Eating out with a difference at AV8 Restaurant

Eating out in the Cotswolds with AV8 Restaurant

In need of a bit of country air and a bite to eat, Explore Gloucestershire headed out of Cheltenham for spot of lunch at AV8 Bistro & Restaurant located at Kemble Airport, five miles from Cirenecester. (It is important to note that there are two entrances into the airport and the one you need is the turning at ‘Jackaments Bottomon’ half way along the Cirencester to Tetbury A433 road.)

Once through the airports main gates we headed towards the control tower along the perimeter road – veer right, then left near a row of old jets. (The car park is in front of AV8 with ample overflow parking to the rear – if you’re flying in you park up nearby too! )

AV8 restaurant is a light airy establishment with a spacious interior and full length viewing windows and a large decked terrace outside. As it was a warm September morning we opted to sit outside. Other clientele ranged from pilots and businessmen, to casual visitors – a lovely ambience was in the air, as were the many aeroplanes buzzing around.

We ordered a large glass of Pinot Grigio (for me) and mineral water, and relaxed whilst choosing our meals. The lunchtime menu which was varied but not overcomplicated, with something for everyone (sample menus below).

Jerry (Explore’s humble designer) opted for the homemade steak burger with bacon, thick fries and tossed mixed leaf salad, whilst I went for the refreshingly attractive mozzarella, tomato, and basil salad. The steak burger was extremely well received and the salad was perfect for my midday lunch. The background jazz music suited the mood perfectly and following lunch we continued to discuss the attributes of the airport over a Cappuccino.

Watching airfield life proved to be extremely relaxing and we found that we had a completely different view from the usual dining experience. We watched small aircraft take off and land, and concluded that some must have been for flying lessons from some of the bumpy landings! We could do that too we decided - how much does it cost and where do you find out? Well you don’t have to look far.

It’s a great place to bring the whole family and children will love the thrill of the airport action!

18 September 2007
Explore Gloucestershire

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