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Cracking Season at the Lido

Sandford Parks Lido

Long standing record is finally taken by the Trust.

In 1959 the huge total of 201,000 visitors in one Lido season was set, for many years this has seemed an impossible record to break (1959 holds the national record for the driest May-Sept in the 312 years in which records have been kept). However a new record has been set at the Lido this year with 204,753 visitors and they still have more cold water swimming days left. Julie Sargent confirmed "We came close in 2006 with 196,824 but we are delighted to now have the record, we have also taken the record for the highest number of season tickets purchased. Like many outdoor seasonal facilities we have waited a long time for a summer this good."

However it hasn’t been the smoothest of seasons at the Lido with aging 80 year old pipe work fractured twice this year, once before they opened and further along the same pipe mid season.

Fortunately with the dedication of a local company called Pipeline Logistics the Lido managed to complete the necessary repair to the pipe to ensure they were back open for business the next day with very little impact on customers.
This winter will involve extensive investigations and work on this 80 year old pipeline which is over 100m in length. The pipe takes water from the main pool to the plant room to be filtered and heated.

The Lido are also pleased to announce that they have been shortlisted to be awarded a Lloyds Bank Community Fund grant.  The grant would provide £3000 which will be allocated to increasing the amount of quality wooden furniture in the grounds of the lido and to increase the provision of Rookie Lifesaving courses during the 2014 season providing an opportunity for children to learn lifesaving skills. If you wish to vote for the Lido you can use the following methods:

Vote by Email.

Vote by SMS.  Just text VOTE KMXA to 61119.  Votes will be charged at the mobile phone users’ standard message rate

At a Lloyds Branch

Cheltenham Parks Lido would like to thank all our customers for making 2013 the best season on record.

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10 October 2013

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