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Halloween Flights of Fancy at Birdland

Halloween events in Gloucestershire

Visitors will be able to let their imagination fly away with them during a special Halloween-themed ‘Myths and Legends’ event at Birdland during the October Half Term Holidays.
From Ancient Egypt to Alfred Hitchcock, birds have always held a spooky fascination spawning many myths and legends down through the centuries.
Discover why owls are considered to be so wise and where the legend of the phoenix came from in a series of fun talks at the renowned Bourton-on-the-Water attraction.  Come face to face with the ‘Undertaker Bird’ and find out which bird’s call the Roman’s believed meant imminent death!
There will be quiz trails to follow, close encounter sessions and feeding displays throughout the holidays.  
Simon Blackwell said: “Birds have played a huge part in the myths and legends of every culture since the dawn of history and even today they still feature strongly in popular fiction from Hogwarts famous owlery to the mockingjay bird in The Hunger Games.
“We hope this event will provide a fun and entertaining introduction in to the fascinating world of birds,”
he added.
Discover over 500 exotic and rare birds from around the world at Birdland. In a beautiful natural setting of woodland, river and gardens, enjoy close encounters with every type of bird from vibrant pink flamingos, unusual birds of prey, colourful parrots and laughing kookaburras to giant cassowary, snowy owls and pelicans displayed in over 50 aviaries and themed waterside habitats.
Meet king penguins, and spot them swimming underwater through a glass viewing panel and don't miss the daily feeding display at 2.30pm.
Become a nature detective in the two-and-a-half acre Marshmouth Reserve with special hides and walkways.
Half Term activity takes place from Saturday 26 October – Sunday 3 November.
Birdland is open daily from 10am

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18 October 2013

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