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Midsummer Lights at Painswick Rococo Garden

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Animals show off their wild side for Halloween

Halloween events in Gloucestershire

Cotswold Wildlife Park marks Halloween with a selection of photographs from its ‘Animals in Action’ photography competition, now in its second year.

Visitors captured dramatic moments on camera including one of the Park’s most ferocious predators, Sarka the Wolverine, baring his teeth (pictured top left). Wolverines are one of the largest carnivores in Europe and have a voracious appetite. In the wild they have been known to defend their food from Wolf packs, Cougars and even Grizzly Bears.

Jamie Craig, Curator of Cotswold Wildlife Park, said: “They possess one of the most powerful bites in the animal kingdom. The Wolverine gets its other name ‘the Glutton’ due to the amount it can consume in one sitting, usually in winter when food is hard to come by and it has to make the most of any feeding opportunity.”

Other entries include a Grey Owl and Egyptian Fruit Bat spreading their impressive wings mid-flight and two Meerkats locking jaws. The Park’s photography competition ‘Animals in Action’ runs until 2nd November 2013. The winner of each category will have their winning photograph turned into a postcard, which will be available in the gift shop. A percentage of the profits from their sale will go towards conservation charity Tusk Trust*). The winning entries will also win a season ticket to the Park and their photograph will be displayed at Cotswold Wildlife Park.

Competition details can be found at:

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25 October 2013

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