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Stunning sculpture of Rhino mother and baby takes centre stage

Baby Rhino at Cotswold Wildlife Park

A bronze sculpture of Cotswold Wildlife Park’s first baby Rhino took centre stage at art exhibition ‘Bronze, Black & White’, which opened in London this week at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in Pall Mall.

Rosamond Lloyd’s sculpture is entitled 'Nancy & Astrid - Study of a White Rhino and Calf' and is a bronze, signed, limited edition of 10 (editions 1 and 2 have already been sold).  Rosamond said: “It was commissioned at the end of August and I was up against a very tight deadline to have it cast in time for the show (a process that takes a good eight weeks to achieve).  I started and finished the clay piece in one week, most days working through the night.” 

The sculpture remained a closely guarded secret until its unveiling in London. The finished sculpture of Nancy and Astrid, the White Rhino and calf, has been kept a closely guarded secret from Cotswold Wildlife Park’s Director Reggie Heyworth and the rest of the staff at the Park.  Only Rhino keeper Kim Wood was allowed to see the piece in its entirety and has assisted Rosamond in some of the final detail.

The unveiling at the show’s opening on Tuesday 19th November was the first time Reggie, and the public, had seen the sculpture. Rosamond said: 'It was an apprehensive moment witnessing the unveiling of the Rhino, I knew that I'd see instantly whether Reggie liked it or not by the expression on his face!  There was a gratifying gasp when it was unveiled and it was apparent that the piece had been well received which was a wonderful moment of relief for me!'  Deborah Meaden (star of Dragons’ Den and most recently, Strictly Come Dancing and patron of Tusk), admired the Rhino piece and was very complimentary, instantly reaching out to give it a stroke - a gratifying moment as I try to make sure all my pieces of sculpture inspire the desire to touch and feel the subject and engage more than simply one sense.”

One of Rosamond’s limited editions will take up permanent residency at Cotswold Wildlife Park after the exhibit. Rosamond is generously donating twenty per cent of the profits from the sale of the nine remaining editions to Tusk Trust.

For more information about the exhibit please visit and To find out about Tusk Trust, please visit

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22 November 2013

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