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World-famous Lynn Chadwick sculptures now at The Wilson

Exhibitions at The Wilson Art Gallery & Museum

From October 2014, the atrium space at The Wilson, Cheltenham’s art gallery and museum, will be the temporary new home to High Hat Man (1968) and High Hat Woman (1968), two iconic sculptures by major British artist Lynn Chadwick (1914 – 2003).
Just as the team at The Wilson has waved goodbye to Rodin’s The Kiss, which enjoyed a popular stay at the re-opened museum and gallery, they have welcomed in the pair of Chadwick sculptures - presenting a bold contrast to the Rodin piece. Cast in bronze and over two metres in height, the sculptures create a striking presence in the atrium space. The works date from the late 1960s, a period when Chadwick was exploring finish variances  in his work, and both sculptures include areas of highly polished surface achieving a warm, golden sheen. This technique offered Chadwick a new, more colourful dimension to his work which visitors are able to enjoy in the intimate setting of the atrium space. The display also, as always with the atrium, offers a unique opportunity to view the sculpture from above – an unusual and privileged perspective.
Chadwick was a prolific artist throughout the 20th century, and the display of High Hat Man and High Hat Woman at The Wilson is a celebration of the centenary year of the artist’s birth.
Dan Chadwick, Lynn Chadwick’s son, said “I am very happy to see that my father’s work is going to be shown in this fine museum.”
Jane Lillystone, Museum, Arts and Tourism Manager commented, “We are delighted to be welcoming these two Chadwick sculptures to The Wilson. We have loved how popular The Kiss has been during its stay, and hope that Chadwick’s work will prove just as successful. The atrium space is the ideal opportunity to offer visitors an intense ‘shot’ of art and culture and we love how accessible it is to everyone.”
Joanna Stringer, Chairman of The Cheltenham Trust, added that “the significant rebuild at The Wilson has opened up many new opportunities to display art works which previously could not have been accommodated. It’s very exciting to be able to fully appreciate the scale of these large works up close in the atrium.”

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20 October 2014

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