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Stagecoach Cuts The Cost Of Bus Travel For Young People

Offers for Stagecoach West

Stagecoach Cuts The Cost Of Bus Travel For Young People 
Children and teenagers aged between 5-19 years old can now purchase one day’s unlimited travel in Gloucester for just £2, as part of a company-wide bid to encourage young people to see more and spend less while exploring their local community. The team behind Stagecoach West plan to welcome young travellers on board, suggesting that they use the services as an easy, hop-on hop-off way to discover and enjoy local attractions; from the historic Cathedral through to the contemporary Quays retail and leisure complex.  

Thousands of young people across Gloucester are set to benefit from a new offer by Stagecoach West, which will now be providing one day’s unlimited travel within the city for a reduced rate of just £2 for children and teens aged between 5 and 19 years old. The offer will run from January 23rd to the 31st March. 

The promotion is part of Stagecoach West’s quest to get more young people in the community experiencing all that the heritage city has to offer, by making travel simple, fast and efficient. The bus service will enable easy access to such fascinating and even famous local attractions as the Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester Docks and the Quays complex, as well as adrenaline-inducing activity hubs such as JDR Karting, Warehouse Climbing Centre, GLI, Cineworld and Jumptastic. 

The promotion will also benefit young people looking to explore their education and career options, with Gloucester College holding Open Days on the 25th January and 1st February, as well as the popular SkillsFest festival held at Oxstalls Campus on the 11th and 12th of March. 

Rupert Cox, Managing Director for Stagecoach West, commented: 
“This is great news for young people and families with young children. We hope that they are motivated to take advantage of this deal and use our services to discover what the city really has to offer. There is so much here that we tend to take for granted and overlook, so this is a great excuse to kick off the new year by appreciating our community and making the most of the brilliant opportunities we have on our doorstep. So many tourists travel here to experience the history of the city, as well as the more modern developments, yet we locals often forget about them altogether!” 
He continued: 
“In addition to helping young people get outdoors and explore the community, we also want to make life that little bit easier for them when they are thinking about the future. There are some fantastic careers fairs and open days coming up very soon and they are really worth a visit. Hopefully, this deal will encourage teens considering their options to hop on board and open up their career horizons!”

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25 January 2016

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