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The Roses Announces A Massive Surge In Corporate Support

The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury

The Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury announces a massive surge in corporate support since the rebranding of its Business Offer.

Following the massive £1m redevelopment last summer, the theatre reintroduced itself into the corporate market by reshaping the way it works with potential corporate clients, which at the end of the day positively impacts on the theatre’s fundraising bottom line.

Since the business relaunch in November 2015, The Roses has seen Warners Motor Group secure headline sponsorship of the theatre’s quarterly printed brochure and Charlton Networks have become headline sponsors for the Business Patron scheme. In addition, local coffee roasters Ethical Addictions are the headline sponsors of The Roses individual giving scheme, and Rajashi have trebled their support through a commercial advertising deal, to name but a few.

“The reason that we are experiencing this surge is three fold” explains Beckie Smith, Director of Marketing and Development at The Roses, “we can’t escape the fact that our new building is helping us on our way, but it is mainly down to the fact that our potential market has increased as a result of newly formed partnerships and the reshape of our corporate offer has seen us introduce many more commercial products into the market place.”

The Roses strongly believes that a change in message has contributed to their success. When the corporate world became aware of the crisis in public funding for the arts, support for the theatre was harder to secure because businesses were more reluctant to support an arts organisation in need – if they realised there was a funding crisis in the first place, which is a challenging message to communicate.

The rebrand of the business offer has enabled The Roses to identify a gap in the market. The new data tools available to arts organisations such as Purple Seven’s audience Insights Reports, The Audience Agency’s Audience Finder platform and intelligent Box Office systems have enabled The Roses to actually prove statistically, geo-demographically how their database and their audiences truly fit the demographics of the clients’ target market.

Findings suggest that businesses are in search of a new and creative solution to increasing brand awareness, direct marketing opportunities, staff development and engagement and hospitality, and working in partnership with an arts organisation gives the opportunity to really exploit unique campaigns that markets will remember.

Part of our sponsorship deal with The Roses will see Warners join forces with the theatre for a number of promotional events across the year, the first of which will see Warners staff dress as Star Wars characters to coincide with The Roses premier screening of Star Wars at the end of January. This will enable our staff to build and develop their confidence as they meet and greet the audiences, reinforce our brand as a family business and increase sales potential as we place cars outside the theatre for families to browse before and after the event,” says Mark Jones from Warners Motor group.  

The relaunch of The Roses business offer took place in November 2015 in partnership with Business West and Gloucestershire Business Shows and since then the Tewkesbury based arts centre has seen a surge of support of corporate clients, enabling The Roses to maximise fundraising income through the commercial market place.

If your business would like to discuss working in partnership with The Roses please contact Beckie Smith, Director of Marketing and Development at The Roses on

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26 January 2016

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