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Ireland’s Call Marks Easter Rising Centenary

Roses Theatre events, Tewkesbry

Exactly one hundred years since the historic 1916 ‘Easter Rising’, one of the pivotal events in modern Irish history, Ireland’s Call, a new and exciting musical adaptation of the critically acclaimed show Essence of Ireland, comes to The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury, on Sunday 6 March as part of a UK tour.

Beautifully evoking the sense of being torn between time, place and identity, Ireland’s Call follows the extraordinary journey of Sean Dempsey who, at the end of WW2, leaves behind his childhood sweetheart Cora and his beloved homeland Ireland in search of a better life in the Big Apple. Experience the anguish of homesickness along with a rush of excitement of being in the USA as Sean embarks on a robust adventure full of big flavours.

Sublime music and dance sequences play key roles in the story telling. The finest dancers and musicians deliver luminous performances with boundless energy, accompanied by extremely infectious music in a kaleidoscope of colour, sending shivers down the spine and leaving audiences utterly enthralled.

The heartfelt and absorbing music arrangements and routines flow seamlessly with a plethora of classics including Galway Girl, I Loved Her First, and Irish Rover.

Creative Director Ged Graham believes 2016 is the perfect time to launch the show. He says: “We are really looking forward to bringing the show to stages across the world, starting with some of the UK’s most prestigious venues in 2016, a year set to be a huge celebration of Irish culture to commemorate the centenary of The Easter Rising.”

Ged Graham was born in the Liberties in Dublin and remembers moving to the UK when he was nine. He says:  “Everyone has been separated from loved ones and their homes at some point in their lives, so this is a story that people can really engage with and relate to, myself included.

The audience is drawn in to the story and swept on a journey that is both heartbreaking and heart warming. It is set against a backdrop of key historical events including America’s introduction to rock and roll, the rebuilding of London post World War two and John F Kennedy’s historic presidential visit to Ireland in 1963. It’s a story full of emotional highs and lows.”

Ireland’s Call is a timeless celebration – a celebration of dreams, enduring love, the resilience of human spirit and of the powerful pull between one man and his homeland.

Tickets cost £24.25 with concessions available and can be purchased from Box Office on 01684 295074 or online at

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29 February 2016

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