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Review: Whitecliff 4x4 off-road driving experience

Review: Whitecliff 4x4 off-road driving experience

On a beautiful sunny day in March, Explore Gloucestershire headed off to the Forest of Dean for another great activity to trial - 4x4 off-roading.

Whitecliff 4x4 are specialists in the field of 4x4 off-roading in Gloucestershire. With access to a spectacular and scenic course in a disused quarry one mile from Coleford (not accessible by the public), there’s a rugged terrain with obstacles including mud, water (weather permitting) and VERY steep slopes.

Whitecliff 4x4 provide an array of driving experiences with courses for beginners and the more experienced off-road drivers - whether you’re young (14+ and height restrictions), old, male or female, this is a high-octane and challenging experience to relish. It’s a great activity for both individuals and groups and Explore Gloucestershire were eager to see what they had to offer. 

Whitecliff 4x4 is run by Geraldine Hooper and assisted by Bryn Charles and a team of six other supervisors - all well qualified and very experienced in 4×4 off-road club trial challenges, timed trials and also involved with local 4×4 off-road organisations throughout the region. 

We were taken up to the quarry by Bryn in a Land Rover Discovery and soon discovered that it was an awesome location, ideal for this adrenaline-fueled activity. We began on the ‘Beginners’ part of the course and worked our way to the more challenging areas throughout the morning. After the mandatory safety procedures, Bryn talked us through the mechanics of the gears, axle articulation and other general points, and then we were good to go. Bryn led the way and walked us through each part of the course so we could assess the obstacles in our path and then plan a way through without getting stuck. It’s a bit like going on a weird kind of driving lesson with a very cool, calm and collected driving instructor. You have to put your trust in this powerful vehicle and follow Bryn's assurances that you will succeed without getting stuck, overturning or getting bogged down. Eager to get behind the wheel we were soon tackling the humps, bumps, slopes, cambers and watery bogs and as we took on more precarious parts of the course we gained momentum and courage. At times we could hardly believe where we were actually driving, with our grand finale of descending down a precarious one in three slope. At the end of the experience though, we felt we were ready for anything!

If you fancy doing something a little bit different then this really is a great experience and it’s not just for the boys!


There’s a brand new experience at Whitecliff 4x4 coming soon!
We were lucky to experience this too and ‘Fluffy' was removed from his garage. ‘Fluffy’ complete with a 4.6 litre V8 engine is more used to the world of Off Road Competition Safari Racing. Suitably kitted out with a helmet and harnessed into our seats, one at a time we ventured off with Bryn in the driving seat, and were treated to a high-speed, white-knuckle ride around the track. This was up there with the very best rides at any theme park and showcased the power of the vehicle and the skill of the driver. This is a fantastic buzz  - whether male or female – it’s one for the bucket list!

There’s a special Adrenaline Ride Launch Day on Sunday 3 April 2016 and rides will be only £30 each (£20 off the usual price) for this day only!
Book your slot for this special launch on 01594 834666 or 07720 734192.


Explore Gloucestershire
19 March 2016 

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