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Surprise arrivals: Two tiny giants born at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Arrival at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Mammal keepers were surprised to discover two unexpected arrivals on their rounds. New Capybara breeding pair, Belle and Ollie, had recently been introduced and bonded straight away (more information attached). Due to their large barrel-like build, keepers were unaware that Belle was pregnant until they discovered the newborn twins by her side during their morning routine checks.

Capybaras are an exceptional Neotropical herbivore probably best described by zoologist Desmond Morris as "a cross between a Guinea-pig and a Hippopotamus". This giant rodent species (the largest in the world) are the last remnant of a long line of gigantic grass-eating rodents that evolved in South America over millions of years.

At just two days old, the newborns tentatively took their first steps into the water. The moment, witnessed by visitors and keepers, was captured on camera and available in the links below.

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23 October 2018

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