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A digital venture with purpose at Taurus Crafts

Online shop at Taurus Crafts

Taurus Crafts is a artisan shopping and tourist centre located in the Forest of Dean, where adults with learning and other disabilities are supported to develop skills in retail and hospitality.

With restrictions around COVID-19 in place, Taurus Crafts is temporarily closed, however they are pleased to be able to offer their curated range of vegetable seeds and Fairtrade clothing brands through the charity’s online store, for the first time.

They have carefully selected brands that are environmentally friendly and with production methods that will not harm the planet or the people who wear them. Some of their chosen brands include Nomads, Capri and Orientique.

‘Our online store is filled with items handmade and homegrown by the people we support across our 9 communities. Although these newly added items haven't been produced by our community members, the businesses who produce them do share our values and ethos. We're proud to stock these fantastic items and open up a new product to our valued customers.’

It is not just clothes that Taurus Crafts have added, a customer favourite ‘Franchi seeds’ are now available to buy on the online store. There’s a great range of vegetables and flower seeds; all approved by the Vegetarian Society and Slow Food UK, for you to grow and enjoy in your garden.

As the popular visitor centre is temporarily closed, customers can create their very own Taurus Crafts cafe experience at home. The star of the café is the hand thrown crockery, which is made at their Grange Village community, and also available at the online store  alongside many other community crafted products.

Also available in the shop are Camphill Village Trusts’ award-winning organic foods such as Yorkshire made Cheeses.  Their herd of Dairy Shorthorn cows including Willow, Minnie and Cherry Blossom work hard to produce the creamy milk at Old Botton Farm parlour, which is then brought to their Creamery, less than half a mile away.

The revenue produced by sales of these items goes towards the development of our workshops such as pottery, farming and food production where people supported by Camphill Village Trust learn their own creative skills.

A great selection of artisan, handcrafted products and award-winning organic foods can be found on their online store.

Taurus Crafts is part of the Camphill Village Trust, a charity supporting adults with learning disabilities. Taurus Crafts provides work and training opportunities, so people can interact with the public and gain confidence from their achievements.  

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21 May 2020

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