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Forest Holidays 10% Offer for Cabins in the Forest of Dean Gloucestershire

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Forest Holidays set to reopen in July - Save 10% on your stay!

Forest Holidays set to reopen in July - Save 10% on your stay!

Forest Holidays set to reopen in July with social distancing a natural part of the experience.

•    Forest Holidays, which has 10 UK locations, is set to reopen to guests in England on Monday 6 July and in Scotland on 17 July
•    Their rigorous Clean Assure+ process has been unveiled to ensure peace of mind for guests
•    All elements of their unique short breaks remain fundamentally the same with their remote forest surroundings making social distancing a natural part of the experience

Forest Holidays has launched enhanced cleaning procedures ahead of the planned reopening of its 10 locations, starting in England on Monday 6th July. The unique Forest Holidays experience remains broadly unchanged with their remote forest surroundings and self-contained cabins providing the perfect place to relax and maintain social distancing with ease.

To guarantee an even cleaner, safer stay, Forest Holidays will give each cabin in every location an additional deep clean, and has developed a new, unique Clean Assure+ for extra peace of mind. Clean Assure+ is a two-step process where, after the regular deep clean, the cabin is cleaned again with the second clean focused on the most commonly touched areas of the cabin such as door handles, light switches and kitchen counters. Once complete, a Clean Assure+ seal is applied to the cabin door, preventing anyone else from accessing the cabin until the next guests arrive.

The Forest Holidays experience will remain broadly unchanged when they re-open. Every Forest Holidays location is designed to connect people with nature. On average, cabins are spaced at least 15 metres apart, so it has always been easy to find plenty of wide, open space and avoid crowds and queues. Forest Ranger experiences and bike hire will remain available, the only minor tweak is an adapted check-in and check-out process to minimise contact.

All Forest Holidays cabins are self-catering so it’s easy for guests to bring everything they need from home. However, a full menu, covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks is available for contact-free delivery. Orders can be placed through the TV in the cabin, which also includes a messaging service should they need to contact a Forest Holidays team member during their stay.

Bruce McKendrick, CEO of Forest Holidays says:
“We are incredibly fortunate that our offer is already adapted for complying with post-Covid restrictions. A short break with Forest Holidays is already designed to be a remote and tranquil break. Our beautiful forest locations are a completely natural place for social distancing and our enhanced cleaning process means guests can enjoy our cabins with renewed confidence and added peace of mind.
Providing meaningful experiences in Britain’s amazing forests that connect people, nature and rural communities has always been our passion. As the UK starts to reopen, I’m convinced that those connections will be ever more important. Nature has the power to soothe our senses and enhance our wellbeing, two things we need more than ever before. We can’t wait to welcome guests back to the forest.”

For further information on Forest Holidays’ cleaning and safety processes and a range of FAQs see the link below.

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Explore Gloucestershire
13 July 2020

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