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Escape Hunt Cheltenham unlocks its doors

Escape Hunt Cheltenham unlocks its doors

New worlds of adventure have been unlocked in Cheltenham, with Escape Hunt opening its newest venue at Brewery Quarter.

The venue houses four of Escape Hunt’s popular escape rooms; Our Finest Hour, Aladdin, Alice in Puzzleland and Doctor Who: A Dalek Awakens as well as a virtual reality room that will feature the new, magical Christmas game, A Christmas Story, and an outdoor experience allowing players to explore the town.

All rooms are perfect for teams of 2-6 players to travel to new worlds by solving puzzles and clues in an immersive entertainment experience against the clock.

Escape Hunt Cheltenham General Manager, Cody Skrine said “We’re so excited to unlock the doors at Brewery Quarter and welcome you all into worlds of adventure in the heart of the town. Whether it’s helping the Mad Hatter, saving Britain at war or finding the magical lamp in Aladdin, we’re sure all players will feel the magic of our immersive experiences.”

Escape Hunt CEO Richard Harpham commented, ‘We’re proud to bring our five star immersive entertainment experience to our newest venue in Cheltenham, ensuring safe fun for families and friends.’

Safety of both staff and guests is Escape Hunt’s top priority. For more information on how they are making it safe to enjoy their 5* adventures whilst closely following government guidance on COVID-19 please visit-

Bookings are open now:

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7 December 2020

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