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Spring down on St Augustines Farm

Spring events in Gloucestershire

Easter eggs, chicks and lambs will hopefully all put in an appearance
when St Augustines Farm re-opens for Easter.

The popular open farm at Arlingham opens its gates again on March 27th for families to enjoy a day in the country, helping to feed the animals and watching the cows being milked in the milking parlour every afternoon.

Last summer a big new barn was built giving even more under cover fun, whatever the weather. Playgrounds and picnic tables are to be found inside and out around the farm or if you don't want to bring a picnic, the farms Withy Room serves hot and cold snacks.

Although the Spring is very late this year, some of the animals are already out in the paddocks but there are still cows and calves in some of the barns.

Pigs are out rooting around in their paddocks and looking forward to a warm summer. Some of the sheep are still indoors and some already outside. The rabbits are living in their special rabbit house and children can go in with them and if they are quiet, and lucky, the rabbits may come up and sit beside them. Families can also go into
the chicken run and walk among the hens.

Weather and ground conditions permitting, the popular tractor and trailer rides will take people out into the fields again. Even when the tractor cannot run, people can walk out into the fields, following the way marked Farm Trail or wandering where they will.

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18 March 2010

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