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Celebrate ‘Spring in the Forest’ with Sarah King’s latest exhibition.

Events at Dean Heritage Centre

From Saturday 20th April until Sunday 2nd June 2013, Sarah King will be returning to the Dean Heritage Centre (DHC) with a new exhibition entitled, ‘Spring in the Forest’.

The seasonal exhibition emphasises the beauty of the Forest of Dean during spring time and displays the fabulous abilities of yet another talented local artist.

Sarah focuses on capturing light as it filters through the forest canopy and as an oil specialist, she creates characteristic features of the flora and fauna of the area. The iconic Forest flower, the bluebell, can be particularly difficult to paint as their colour varies according to the light.

Commenting on her collection at the DHC, Sarah said: 
“I’m really looking forward to my spring exhibition at the Dean Heritage Centre. Although I have had great success with my paintings, I’ll never be too busy to exhibit at the DHC because one should never forget their roots. I don’t think I would have done so well if it wasn’t for the DHC providing my first ‘high profile’ exhibition there and encouraging me from the outset.”

Sarah has lived in the Forest of Dean for eight years and aims to paint scenes which anyone could see whilst walking in the woods, thus transporting the viewer to that place. She is now considered to be a ‘Forest artist’.

Since first exhibiting at the DHC, Sarah has grown from strength to strength and now has her own unit to sell her work all of the year round. Loved by tourists and locals alike, Sarah’s work is selling so fast that is has gone from a self-taught hobby to a full time job.

The exhibition coincides with the New Gruffalo’s Child woodland trail at the Centre and will run throughout the annual Fire and Wood festival (25th – 27th May) . Visitors will be able to view the beautiful paintings, walk the woodland trail and see skilled crafts men at work when they visit the DHC this spring.

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15 April 2013

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