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Holst Victorian House

Holst Victorian House is located opposite the famous Pitville Gates in Cheltenham
Holst Victorian House is located opposite the famous Pitville Gates in Cheltenham

Holst Victorian House

Explore life in Cheltenham’s only Victorian home open to all, the birthplace of composer Gustav Holst in 1874.

In the Holst Victorian House you can explore the lives of some of the inhabitants, including Holst’s parents, both in Victorian and more modern times.

The house serves as a remarkable time capsule, offering visitors a glimpse into the everyday life of the 19th century, particularly as it was in 1874 when Holst, the renowned composer, was born. Comprising nine meticulously curated rooms, the house immerses visitors in the authentic atmosphere of Victorian living. From the working Victorian kitchen, complete with period-appropriate utensils and appliances, to the meticulously recreated Victorian bedroom, scullery, and nursery, each space is adorned with furnishings, decorations, and lighting true to the era. Among the highlights is the fully operational Victorian range in the kitchen, providing a fascinating insight into the culinary practices of the time. Through its meticulous attention to detail, the house offers an enriching and immersive experience, allowing visitors to step back in time and gain a deeper appreciation for the lifestyle and domestic environment of the Victorian era.
Composer Gustav Holst’s life and times can be discovered in his Music Room, complete with the piano on which he composed The Planets.

The museum hosts a range of exhibitions, events and children’s activities throughout the year, including its popular ‘Bake Back in Time’ events using the working coal-fired range.

Whether or not you have visited before, Holst Victorian House look forward to welcoming you to 4 Clarence Road and sharing with you the experience of living in a Victorian home.

The Drawing Room at the Holst Victorian House in Cheltenham
The Drawing Room at the Holst Victorian House in Cheltenham

Holst Victorian House - Opening times 2024

Tuesdays to Saturdays: 10am-4pm (last admisssion 3.30pm)
Guided tours and Group tours available - prior booking required

Holst Victorian House - Admission charges 2024

All entrance tickets are now Annual Passes. Come back as many times as you like within one year for no extra cost! Just bring your ticket with you when you return.

  • Adults £10
  • Children FREE (under 15 years )

Where is the Holst Victorian House?

The Holst Victorian House is situated right on the fringe of the town centre in Cheltenham - close to the historic Pittville Pump Rooms in Pittville Park.

Holst Victorian House - Groups visits

Group visits and extra services for group visits MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE:

    •    Group visits for over 10 people
    •    Cost per person: £ 10.00

Exhibitions at the Host Victorian Housee

Special exhibitions are displayed throughout the year.

10 February - 1 June: Gustav Holst & The Three Choirs Festival
The story of Holst’s relationship with the oldest classical music festival in the world.

8 June - 1 February 2025: In a Parisian Salon
Explore the friendship of Holst and Louise Dyer and her effect on his creativity.

More information about Holst Victorian House Exhibitions.

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