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Quadrophenia Collection


Littledean Jail
Littledean, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, GL14 3NL

01594 826659


About the Quadrophenia Collection

Littledean Jail now houses the largest single touring collection of Quadrophenia memorabilia in the world!

In November 2007, Littledean Jail acquired the privately owned Quadrophenia collection from British mod and scooter fanatic, David Wyburn. This remarkable and nostalgic collection was subsequently added to Littledean Jail’s own vast assortment of Quadrophenia memorabilia, thus making it the largest, single collection in the world.

The Quadrophenia Collection at Littledean Jail opened in Easter 2008, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of when the film was originally made in 1978.

About the film...

Quadrophenia (1978-1979)

The greatest British youth film ever made!!
Quadrophenia was filmed in Britain in 1978 and released in 1979 Quadrophenia is still to this day highly regarded as being one of the greatest British films of all times. It still retains its own iconic magnetism and has a massive cult following worldwide.

Quadrophenia, when originally released was panned by critics for its large amounts of drug-fuelled, pill-popping, sex, bad language, violence, profanity and drug use throughout the film, which at the time were fairly uncommon in Film (unlike today’s Film and TV industry that seemingly appear to revel and rely upon using as much sex, violence, drug use and bad language).

About the Quadrophenia Collection at Littledean Jail

The Quadrophenia Collection boasts two of the most famous bikes on two wheels in the world, one being the Vespa GS-Rally scooter which belonged to 'Ace Face' (played by Sting) and was subsequently 'nicked' by ‘Jimmy’ (Phil Daniels) from outside the Grand Hotel in Brighton. There is also a 100% replica of Jimmy's Lambretta scooter which had been rebuilt using spares and extra parts from the scooter used throughout the film.

The original well worn seat, also sat upon by the beautiful ‘Steph’ (played by Leslie Ash), is on display along with other classic Quadrophenia exhibits including numerous mod parkas and clothing, lots of signed photos, film stills and original posters, as well as an awesome life size cast backdrop to name but a few.

The Quadrophenia Collection at Littledean Jail

“This is the best collection of Quadrophenia memorabilia I have ever seen!!!”
Franc Roddam… Quadrophenia Film director… (1978-1979) at the Quad Reunion 2007, Earls Court, London, UK

“A shrine to mods and rockers alike !!!”
Phil Daniels - aka 'Jimmy'

“My brother was a mod and I was a punk rocker at the time the film Quadrophenia was released in 1979. It was and still is one of my most favourite films of all time, despite preferring the heavy rock music to that of the mod scene.
It is a great privilege to now own and display such a fantastic collection as this one, which I’m sure all mods and rockers will unite in savouring together!”

Andy Jones, Curator of Littledean Jail

Escape from Littledean Jail!

Gloucester is just 20 minutes from the Jail, but if you want to get further away, Bristol, Cheltenham, Hereford and Cardiff are about 40 minutes. Birmingham is a round hour, whilst London is only just under 3 hours away - but who would want to go there!

Directions to the Quadrophenia Collection

The Quadrophenia Collection is loacted at Littledean Jail in the Royal Forest of Dean and the usual opening times apply as follow.

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