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Things to do in the October Half Term Holidays in Gloucestershire

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REVIEW: The Mousetrap at the Everyman, Cheltenham

REVIEW: The Mousetrap at the Everyman, Cheltenham

The classic Agatha Christie murder mystery has been entertaining audiences for 60 Years and is the world’s longest running play. To celebrate, the show has undertaken an anniversary tour. 

The opening night at the Everyman Theatre was a sellout and never having seen the play before we were eager for it to begin. 

A young couple Mollie (Joanna Croll) and Giles Ralston (Henry Luxemburg) open their remote manor house to paying visitors, and on a snowy evening await the arrival of their guests. A motley ensemble of guests arrive and it becomes apparent that they are not all going to get along swimmingly!  The bad weather continues and the house is cut off.  In true Christie form there is a murder and the intrigue begins. Fingers are pointed and accusations made. The murderer could be anybody and we all have our suspicions. 

Interspersed with comedy we enjoyed The Mousetrap immensely. The cast gave us great performances and each portrayed their character well. Anne Kavanagh as the miserable Mrs. Boyle was a particular favourite and a nightmare of a visitor to just about anywhere. The flamboyant and eccentric Christopher Wren (Ryan Saunders) brought some fresh and playful humour to the proceedings which was equally matched by the dry sarcasm of Giles Ralston. 

The suspense builds and the secrets of the guests are slowly revealed until the murderer is finally exposed.

I must confess that it was not who I thought.

The Mousetrap runs at The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham until Saturday 12 April 2014

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