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Local legend of the Kiting World opens new shop at Beechwood

Local legend of the Kiting World opens new shop at Beechwood

Local legend of the Kiting World  - Peter Powell is back and in business in the Beechwood Shopping Centre.
Official Opening: 14th June 2014 Family Fun Day

The Beechwood Shopping Centre is delighted to welcome someone whose name, for many, stirs childhood memories of kite flying.

Peter Powell the Gloucester-born legend who brought dual line steerable kite flying to the world in the 1970’s, is opening a new store in the Beechwood Shopping centre in Cheltenham, Gloucester on Saturday 14th June 2014.

Peter now in his 80s has launched the Mk III version of his famous kite with his sons Mark and Paul Powell who hand-make each and every kite in Cheltenham.

They launched their first online shop earlier this year and orders from around the world have flooded in.

The global popularity of multi-line, steerable, stunt kiting today can be attributed directly to Peter Powell’s development of a modern, dual line kite back in the 1970’s.  In the UK a generation grew up flying their Peter Powell kites and many of us can remember their appearance in the opening credits on ‘Nationwide’ news or in the kite safety film that warned of the dangers of flying kites beside power lines.

These iconic kites are beloved by kite enthusiasts across the globe and their re-launch has been greeted with delight by the kiting community.

Owen Acland, Beechwood’s centre manager, said: ‘We are pleased to be working with Peter Powell Kites and to bring this iconic product to shoppers in Cheltenham.’

“We all remember seeing the kites when we were younger so when we heard that Peter’s sons Mark and Paul were looking for a suitable store in Cheltenham, we were delighted to be able to help. We are sure visitors of all ages will enjoy re-discovering such a wonderful and eye-catching product.”

The Peter Powell kite was elected toy of the year by the British Association of Toy Retailers in 1976.

Now 38 years on Peter’s sons Mark and Paul are finally bringing them back for a new generation to enjoy. Pop in to the Beechwood shopping center on June 14th to get your Peter Powell Kite signed by the man himself.

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12 June 2014

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