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New webcam at Birdland installed by Explore Gloucestershire

New webcam at Birdland installed by Explore Gloucestershire

Explore Gloucestershire have installed another webcam at Birdland Park and Gardens to add to the existing and most popular Penguin Cam which was installed five years earlier.

The Flamingo Cam overlooks Flamingo Lake at this great visitor attraction located at Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds.

Simon Blackwell, the Park manager said, "It's a wonderful addition to access the birds at Birdland, especially as we're hoping they will be going to nest later in July. Visitors will hopefully be able to watch the flamingo's amazing courtship displays very soon!"

Birdland is home to 2 species of flamingo, the Greater and the Caribbean. As a species they do vary in colour in shades of white to pink and red. Their colour comes from their diet of crustaceans. At Birdland the Caribbean is the darker more vivid shade of pink with the Greater a pale pink.

Birdland is open every day from 10am.

The Birdland Flamingo Web Cam

Click here if you are having trouble viewing the webcam. 


Explore Gloucestershire
30 July 2014 

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