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What's going on at Birdland & Jurassic Journey

What's going on at Birdland & Jurassic Journey

Explore Gloucestershire spoke to Simon Blackwell at Birdland Park and Gardens in Bourton on the Water about what has been happening recently at the popular Cotswold tourist attraction. This is what he had to say:

1. Have any of the birds at Birdland Park & Gardens ever been used in television programmes or films?
Spike the King Penguin has starred on TV alongside the legendary Sir David Attenborough as part of the ‘Natural Curiosities’ series. As well as this he has been featured on ‘Penguins Make You Laugh Out Loud’, ‘Junior Vets’ and ‘Escape to the Country’. He has also done his share of advertisments with LG and Icelandic Bank.

2. Does Birdland Park & Gardens have any special events over the summer months?
Yes, visitors are invited to join us for a summer of fun! With daily feeding displays and talks with our Penguins, Flamingos and Pelicans as well as close encounters and meet the keeper sessions.

3. Are there special activity days for children during the Summer School holidays?
We are open daily from 10am with talks and feeding displays throughout the day.
At 11am and 2:30pm watch our Penguin as they glide through the water at their feeding display. Head to the Flamingos at 11:30am for their feeding display and don’t miss the Pelican feeding display at 3:15pm.

4. This summer a new area called ‘Out of Africa’ opened at Birdland Park & Gardens – can you tell us anymore of what can be found there and are there any more plans?
The new African area features a total of nine aviaries; six of which have been newly constructed to showcase the huge variety of birds found on the continent.
Among the new species on display are a flock of black-cheeked lovebirds and a colony of village weavers; famous for their extraordinary nest-building prowess plus 14 new Flamingos! Other birds include touracos, starlings, guinea fowl and exotic ducks and the feature also incorporates the impressive-looking African hornbills.

5. What other attractions can be found at Birdland Park & Gardens – we hear there are some ancient relatives lurking in the nature area?
Yes, visitors are invited into the Jurassic Journey where they can discover over 30 life-sized dinosaurs lurking in the trees including a terrifying T-Rex! Also visitors can have a go at uncovering some fossils for themselves in the Dino-Dig.

6. Has Birdland Park & Gardens any special offers for the summer?
Book online in advance and save 10% off the admission price!

7. Is there a café and picnic areas at Birdland Park & Gardens?

There are lots of lovely picnic spots around the gardens at Birdland and of course the Flamingo Point Café which overlooks the Flamingos on the river. Enjoy a cup of tea and some cake before exploring the rest of the park.

8. What is the rarest bird found at Birdland Park & Gardens?

The Walldrapp Ibis which is critically endangered and become extinct in Europe more than 300 years ago which has recently successfully bred 5 new chicks!

9. Is Birdland Park & Gardens easy to get to and is there parking nearby?

We are walking distance from the centre of Bourton-on-the-Water with a council car-park right outside the entrance to Birdland.

10. Does Birdland Park & Gardens have access and facilities for disabled visitors?
Yes! There is disabled parking in the local car park as well as disabled toilets at the park. Guide dogs are also welcome and wheelchairs are available to hire upon request.

…and finally…

What would you say is the best reason to visit Birdland Park & Gardens?
We love all the birds at Birdland but we do have a soft spot for our Penguins! Having the only breeding group of King Penguins in England and our great group of comical Humboldts which can be viewed from our refurbished Penguin Shore viewing platform!

Explore Gloucestershire 
3 August 2018

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