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WWT Slimbridge launch NEW Arctic & Global Adventure experiences

WWT Slimbridge launch new Arctic Adventure experience & Global Adventurers

The new Arctic Adventure experience at Slimbridge Wetland Centre is now open after an exciting launch on Saturday 13 July. CBeebies and wildlife presenters Ferne Corrigan and Rory Crawford opened the immersive exhibit and helped launch the summer holiday campaign ‘Global Adventurers’.
This summer families are invited to embark on a Global Adventure across Slimbridge which stops off at the new Arctic Adventure exhibit. Visitors can pick up a passport from base camp by the South Lake Discovery hide and start their first wetland challenge there. As visitors make their way around the world, they can enjoy collecting stamps as they complete the wetland challenges.
As the journey continues to the new Arctic Adventure exhibit, they can experience what it would be like to live in the Arctic Tundra as a real life WWT researcher. Here they can take up one of the challenges, including ‘What Do Birds Eat?’ This is where you can analyse bird poo with experts on hand to help, studying through a microscope and discovering why bird poo analysis helps WWT study the different bird species.
Other activities in the Arctic Adventure include making a meal menu from the limited supplies that are available to real-life researchers. How creative can you be with potatoes, dried fish and tinned reindeer meat?
In the Russian Tundra, visitors can really play the part by dressing up as summer researchers and snapping selfies in authentic outfits.
For budding birdwatchers, there are binoculars and telescopes ready for a challenge to see if visitors can identify the different bird species, including Bewick’s swans and green and white fronted geese.
Moving on from the Arctic Adventure, there are plenty of other wetlands to explore to complete different Global Adventurer challenges. Head to ‘Africa’ and listen to fantastic new flamingo talks; discover UK wetlands on a canoe or wild safari and design folklore totem poles based on adventure stories in North America. There really is something to suit the whole family.
Start your summer adventure at Slimbridge and don’t forget to share your snapshots online using #adventurers and tagging @wwtslimbridge

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19 July 2019

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