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Nature in Art Exhibition: Nature in Bromoil

6 - 26 August

In today's world of digital photographic manipulation, the idea of altering images is taken for granted. This exhibition feature work by members of the Bromoil Circle using a process that involves changing images yet using a technique that originated from the Oil Process. This was patented in 1855 and later in 1907, C. Wellbourne Piper worked out a formula for the Bromoil process, which is still practiced today.

A Brief Overview of the Process

The silver contained in gelatine in a bromide print is bleached away and at the same time, the gelatine is hardened according to the amount of silver it contained. it is then fixed, washed and dried, after which it is resoaked to condition the gelatine and then all surplus water is removed.

A greasy ink, such as lithographic ink is then applied by brush and is accepted where the gelatine has hardened (the shadow areas), but is rejected where the gelatine has swollen (the highlights). Thus the original image in the bromide print is built up so that the silver image is now an ink image and far more permanent.

By judicious application of ink, the bromoil worker has fine control over the final image. The bromoil process was much favoured by pictoral workers of yesteryears and is now once more gaining in popularity.

The Bromoil Circle Postal Club was fromed by the late A.C Weller in 1931, who became  fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in 1934. Later the club was renamed the Bromoil Circle of Great Britain. The club was fromed with 18 members, the same number as it has today.

The Circle has an important archive collection running into several hundred outstanding images from some of the best bromoilists from Great Britain.

Do come and see this fascinating selection of work.

Members will be on hand most days to talk to visitors.

Demonstrations will be takinging place at 11.30am and 2pm in the exhibition space on the following dates:
9th, 11th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 22nd, 24th & 25th

  • Exhibition Information: Nature in Bromoil

  • Date: 6 - 26th August

Where: Nature in Art, Wallsworth Hall, A38 Twigworth,
Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL2 9PA.

  • Opening hours: Tues-Sun & Bank hols, 10am-5pm

  • Admission charges: Adults £5.25, Concessions £4.75,
Family £15.00, Under 8s FREE

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7 August 2019

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