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REVIEW: Cinderella at The Everyman Theatre

REVIEW: Cinderella at The Everyman Theatre

WOW – they’ve done it again!

Another lavish pantomime production has graced the stage at the Everyman Theatre. This year it’s Cinderella, and as expected the show oozes with catchy songs, spectacular costumes and all the vital elements that are required of this annual festive feast of family entertainment.

Cinderella is the classic fairy tale telling the story of downtrodden Cinderella who is treated appallingly by her dreadful stepsisters. Her path to true love and happiness helped along by her devoted friend Buttons, a little bit of magic from her fairy Godmother and a few more colourful characters.

Pantomime at the Everyman wouldn’t be quite right these days without Tweedy, and in this production he is perfect as Buttons. An instant hit with all the children his slapstick humour and innuendos also appeal to the adults in the audience. We loved the ugly sisters, who were a perfect double act with their outlandish costumes, acid tongued wit and desperate to get their hands on the Prince Charming. Adult humour was carefully written into the show to keep the adults laughing throughout with subtle ‘Carry On’ type humour and a few references to the political climate thrown in for good measure.

It really is great family entertainment and the whole audience loved it with one particular scene involving Cinderella provoking a ‘Wow!’ moment with its spectacular special effects.

Cinderella runs until 12 January and this production only limited availability of tickets remaining. Booking your tickets as soon as possible is therefore highly recommended.

On that note, tickets for next year’s production of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' are now on sale.
Oh yes they are!

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