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Exciting collaboration welcomes a Rom-Com to Cirencester this summer

Midsummer at The Barn Theatre

Mercury Theatre and Barn Theatre to stage revival production of David Greig and Gordon Mcintyre’s play with songs

Mercury Theatre from 3-18 May
Barn Theatre from 22 May-22 June

Mercury Theatre Colchester and the Barn Theatre in Cirencester have today announced that they will present a new revival production of David Greig and Gordon McIntyre’s play with songs Midsummer. The production marks the first co-production between the two venues.

Penned by award-winning playwright, David Greig, and composed by songwriter, Gordon McIntyre, Midsummer is a rose-tinted musical rom-com that provides a fast-paced, funny look at love, life, and the ache of aging. The co-production will run from 3-18 May in Colchester and 22 May – 22 June in Cirencester.

One Midsummer night in Edinburgh, two ill-matched thirty-somethings – a high-powered, hard-drinking lawyer called Helena, who’s stuck in a dead-end affair with a married man, and a small-time crook called Bob – collide with one another for one short night of wild abandon. It’s an unlikely coupling as both are all too aware, but it’s Midsummer and anything can happen…

The Mercury’s creative director Ryan McBryde (Baskerville, The Comedy of Errors) will direct the riotously funny, touchingly romantic 90-minute tour d’amour in all its drunken, horny, heartfelt glory.

Ryan McBryde said of today’s announcement, “We are delighted to be producing with The Barn, Cirencester. Both our organisations are committed to producing exceptional and entertaining theatre with care, skill, and creativity. Our co-production of David Greig's and Gordon McIntyre's romantic comedy, Midsummer, will be no exception.”

Iwan Lewis, CEO & Artistic Director, Barn Theatre said, “In today's world, it's crucial for theatres to adapt and seek innovative approaches to their productions. For a small, independent theatre like the Barn, which harbours large aspirations yet operates without subsidies, finding the right partners can prove challenging. With the Mercury, we've discovered an incredibly inspiring ally. They not only share our vision but have also broadened our horizons, showing us what's possible at the next level. 'Midsummer,' is a musical comedy that I’ve hoped to stage for many years and is the perfect production for our first collaboration.”

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13 February 2024

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