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Coracle fun at WWT Slimbridge

Coracle fun at WWT Slimbridge

Could you keep afloat in this boat?

It certainly won’t be a case of plain sailing for those adventurous enough to try a coracle at a Gloucestershire attraction.

Coracle boats have been around for thousands of years but are notoriously tricky to steer as the lightweight craft float on top of the water making them rather unstable.

Six of the small round one-man boats are now ready to set sail at WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre, which is offering sessions upon its safari water trail.

Paul Daunter, Canoe Safari Operator, said: “They are not easy to control and can capsize, so we are advising people to bring a change of clothes! 

“We are not aware of any other places where people can try to paddle a coracle, so it is a fairly unique experience which we are looking forward to offering

People need to be aged 10 or above to take part in the Coracle Capers sessions.  The sessions with an experienced instructor cost £20 and start at 9.30am.  They will be run on 4 and 18 of April and 2, 16, 30 of May.  To book your place or find out more about them call David Bell on 01453 891223.

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10 March 2010

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