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Things to do in the Cotswolds - Sudeley Castle

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Something very fishy going on in Cheltenham!

All Your Life

All Your Life have introduced this amazing treatment for your hands and feet. 

The Garra Rufa toothless fish, less than an inch in length have been used for many thousands of years to treat skin conditions in the far east and beyond. Now they are available in exclusive centres across the UK. 

All Your Life, the Makeover Experts based at St Margaret’s Terrace in Cheltenham introduced this wonderful treatment just before Christmas and have been very busy ever since!

It is affordable for everyone, You can come along for just £15 and 15 minutes to try this out for yourself. Once you have overcome the intial ticklish feeling and giggles for a few minutes you can relax and let the fish go to work breaking down and nibbling away at unwanted dead and hard skin, leaving your feet silky smooth.

Book your nibbles via the website or phone 01242 222118

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7 January 2011


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