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The Lido near Sandford Park in Cheltenham

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R-R Phantom 11 to be re-united with her former owners Swiss family at The Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival

Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival

The organisers of the Tewkesbury Classic Car Festival  ( Tewkesbury Rotary Club) were recently contacted by Mr. Gustave Miesegaes of Geneva.  

When looking at the festival’s website (WWW.TEWKESBURYCVF.ORG) he stumbled upon a picture of a 1933 Rolls-Royce Phantom 11 that once belonged to his Father. His Father purchased the vehicle new in 1933 and toured Europe with it. The photo attached shows Mr Miesegas (senior) and his Wife at Cannes. Mr Miesegas contacted Rotary in the hope that we could trace it.
Gustave Miesegaes and his Father’s Rolls Royce Phantom will be reunited at the TEWKESBURY CLASSIC VEHICLE FESTIVAL on 18th August.
This wonderful Car, with which  Swiss Gustave Miesegaes’ father participated in European Concours  d’ Elegance events, including a 1st Prize at  St Moritz will be at the Festival and Gustave will have the opportunity of seeing the car for real once again.
By coincidence, the car is now owned by Roger Head of Highnam Court (home of the Gloucestershire Motor Show) and Roger has very kindly agreed to bring it along to grace the Festival, so Gustave can be reunited with his Father’s car.

Tewkesbury Classic Vehicle Festival takes place on 18th August at Tewkesbury School (200 yards from junction 9 of M5) and we expect to have up to 500 other vehicles and 100 trade and market pitches.

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26 July 2013

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