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Brand new 1980s Exhibition at The Museum of Gloucester

Museum of Gloucester exhibitions

Museum of Gloucester transforms into 1980s Britain with their brand new exhibition

The Museum of Gloucester is delighted to announce that their new exhibition, 1980s Britain: Money Changes Everything, will be arriving in the city on Saturday 22 October and running until Sunday 8 January 2023.

The 1980s were bold, brash and contradictory times. An age of boom and bust, of greed, spending and charitable giving, when hair was big and shoulder pads bigger! The decade of dandies swaggering in frills and flounces, while keep-fit fanatics lunged in LYCRA® and legwarmers. The action-packed decade of new technology and momentous historic events that shaped our modern world. This exhibition aims to show how 1980s Britain was changed for good, in the decade some say taste forgot.

Subjects explored by the exhibition include the changes to our attitude and relationships with (and towards) money, politics, fashion, music, tv and film and much more. The exhibition includes a selection of eye-catching information panels, together with a sizeable collection of 1980s artefacts addressing significant cultural events, including the nation’s preoccupation with “Who Shot J.R.Ewing?”, fears of nuclear attack at Greenham Common and lampooning leading politicians and public figures via Spitting Image puppets.

This selection of genuine artefacts from the ‘80s will be on display with highlights including:

    1.    Toys, including Roland Rat Superstar, a Cabbage Patch Doll, Care Bear, My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

    2.    Technology, including a Walkman II with headphones and Casio 4000 Digital Diary

    3.    Items honouring major events including a Falkland Islands commemorative plate and Charles and Diana wedding souvenir mug

    4.    Games, including a 1980s Rubik’s cube, Game Boy, Blockbusters and Only Fools and Horses ‘Trotters Trading’ board games and ‘Neighbours’ collectors’ cards

    5.    Music and popular culture, including Thriller record album and Flashdance and Jane Fonda Workout videos

The exhibition will also feature local connections to the city’s communities, giving a personal resonance to the exhibition for local residents. Activities for children and families, alongside a supporting events programme, will also accompany this exhibition.

Cllr Andrew Lewis, cabinet member for Culture said: “I am delighted that a new and exciting exhibition will soon be making its way to the Museum, showcasing such a nostalgic trip down memory lane (I was in my twenties in that decade). This is an interesting and diverse new type of programming that the Museum has not previously exhibited and this collection of genuine artefacts and memories of local communities, alongside supplementary activities, will allow visitors of all ages to both discover and relive the decade to discover something new and exciting this autumn!”

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22 September 2022

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