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Step Back in Time to a Victorian Christmas at The Holst Victorian House

Christmas at the Holst Victoiran House

The Holst Victorian House invites you to journey through the enchanting traditions of a bygone era this December. Nestled in the heart of Cheltenham and formerly the residence of Gustav Holst, the world-renowned composer of the 'Planet Suite,' this historical gem has been lovingly adorned in traditional Victorian style for a magical festive experience.

From 9 to 21 December, guests can immerse themselves in an array of captivating seasonal activities tailored to transport them back to the Victorian era. Commencing the festivities on December 9th is Victorian Christmas Day, featuring 'Bake Back in Time for Christmas' where visitors can indulge in delectable treats while engaging in nostalgic children's crafts and enchanting storytelling sessions. Additionally, guests can peruse an assortment of locally crafted items, including cards, books, stocking fillers, and unique handmade treasures.

On 10 December with the Victorian Sewing Workshop offering participants the opportunity to craft a simple yet elegant Victorian-style chatelaine, perfect for personal use or as a cherished Christmas gift.

On 11 December, the Victorian Book Club convenes in the cozy Victorian kitchen, inviting book enthusiasts to delve into 'Selected Poems' by Christina Rossetti. Amidst the warmth of a crackling coal-fire, guests can relish in a literary exploration and delightful refreshments. Concurrently, the evening sets the stage for In the Bleak Midwinter a captivating talk and musical recital further embracing the festive spirit.

Adding to the allure, the evening of 21 December presents the enchanting Holst Victorian House by Candlelight where visitors can explore the atmospheric house illuminated solely by candlelight. Led by costumed guides, this ethereal experience delves deeper into the Victorian celebration of the season.

"It's a fascinating insight into the years of old and really generates a wonderful, traditional Christmas atmosphere and is well worth a visit this December," remarked an attendee, encapsulating the sentiment of the immersive experience.

For an extended dose of Victorian charm, visitors can seize the opportunity of a special offering - pay once and enjoy access for an entire year.

Step back in time and savor the timeless charm of a Victorian Christmas at The Holst Victorian House. Create cherished memories and embrace the warmth of tradition during this captivating seasonal celebration.

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1 December 2023


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