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Days out in the Cotswolds - Berkeley Castle

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Youngsters take over Slimbridge

WWT Slimbridge

The pitter patter of tiny duck feet is getting rather loud at Slimbridge Wetland Centre after a busy week of hatching.

The last few days have seen a surge in numbers of young birds with ducklings, goslings and chicks taking their first wobbly steps around the grounds under the watchful eyes of their mothers.

The mild weather will help the youngsters as they grow stronger over the coming days.

Sally Munro, Slimbridge marketing manager, said: “Some of the youngsters look cute and fluffy whereas others like the moorhen chick fit the ‘ugly duckling’ category a bit more.

“They are all fascinating to watch as over the first few weeks they learn how to swim and feed themselves.
“This is a great time of year to welcome the year’s new arrivals.”

The Centre is open from 9.30am to 5.30pm in the summer months.

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11 April 2011 

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