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Days out in the Cotswolds - Batsford Arboretum

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Live 'n' Deadly live from Cotswold Wildlife Park

Live 'n' Deadly live from Cotswold Wildlife Park

BBC’s flagship children’s television show, Live ‘n’ Deadly, broadcasted live from Cotswold Wildlife Park on Saturday 5th November, much to the delight of children from Brize Norton Primary School, who were invited to be in the live audience.

The show kicked off with hosts Steve Backshall and Naomi Wilkinson measuring Barney, the Park’s longest snake. Steve and Naomi were joined by British Triathlete and triple World Ironman Champion, Chrissie Wellington, who, along with several keepers, attempted to measure the gargantuan reticulated python (pictured top left). No mean feat considering Barney is over twenty four feet in length and doesn’t stay still for a second. It took eight people in total to hold Barney for the task!

Steve and Naomi got up close to many of the Park’s animals including; the deadly wolverines, baby crocodiles, Brazilian tapirs and the world’s largest rodent, the capybara. Steve came nose-to-nose with the giant anteaters, delighting viewers with a close up view of what he described as “one of the weirdest animals on earth” with a tongue to match! Live from inside the bat cave, Steve attempted to answer viewers’ questions while fifty Egyptian fruit bats flew around him. Naomi featured red panda Doodo in the ‘Dead Cute’ section of the show (pictured right with keeper Brian Taylor), during which she said it was one of her “favourite ‘Dead Cute’s’ ever”. Steve’s favourite animal also played a starring role as he joined the pack of wolves inside their enclosure, even though two female wolves got camera shy and stayed underground beneath Steve’s feet!

Bafta nominated Steve said: “We had a totally crazy time at Cotswold Wildlife Park. Going claw-to-claw with a giant anteater was a particular highlight and you have the biggest snake I’ve ever seen... and that’s saying something!”
Other highlights included CBBC stars Chris and Hacker broadcasting live from the Park throughout the morning.

After the show, Steve and Naomi met the children from Brize Norton Primary School for a photo and signing session, which truly delighted their fans (both children and adult alike!)

Barney the reticulated python was voted the ‘Ultimate Deadliest’ animal of the show!

Cotswold Wildlife Park opens its doors at 10am every day (except Xmas Day), with last admission at 3.30pm (4.30pm during summer months)

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8 November 2011

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