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Rare crocodiles hatch at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Cotswold Wildlife Park is happy to announce the arrival of four rare baby Morelet’s crocodiles.

Reptile keepers discovered the first baby crocodile on the morning of Thursday 23rd August 2012. One by one, the youngsters eventually emerged from their eggs. The newborns are adjusting perfectly to their new home and will be on show to the public next week. The wildlife park is the only collection in the UK where visitors can see both parents and their offspring on show.  Once in their new enclosure, the new baby crocodiles will be the stars of the Park’s live ‘Croc Cam’ via

Jamie Craig, Curator of the Park, said: “We are justifiably proud of our success with the Morelet’s crocodiles and it is a testament to our dedicated reptile department that we now appear to have perfected breeding these crocodilians – a group that can often be tricky to breed in captivity.”

Parents Morticia and Gomez, both fourteen years old, are quite the success story in terms of breeding. This is the third batch of eggs Morticia has produced since the pair arrived at the Park. The incubated eggs successfully hatched after roughly eighty five days under the watchful eyes of the reptile keepers. Back in 2007, Cotswold Wildlife Park was the first collection in the UK to breed Morelet’s crocodiles. In September 2009, a further six crocodiles were born.

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