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Air Tattoo Set for Cutting Edge Aerobatics

RIAT 2019

This summer's Air Tattoo will see a flying debut from the world's only aerobatic airline! Flying their high-performance Extra EA-300 unlimited aerobatics aeroplanes, the Blades Aerobatic Team combine close formation flying with exciting aerobatic solo sequences.

The team is comprised of extremely skilled pilots with over 25,000 hours of flying experience. Andy Evans (Blade 1) leads the team. The 2019 team line-up consists of Red Bull Air Race pilot Ben Murphy, Kirsty Murphy, James McMillan and Mike Ling - all former Red Arrow pilots - and Gerald Cooper - a multi-award winning national aerobatic champion.

Speaking on the announcement, Blade 1 Andy Evans said, ''The Royal International Air Tattoo is the pinnacle of all military air shows and performing at it is a life-long ambition for the Blades as we fly into our 14th display season. We're proud and feel extremely privileged to perform our dynamic and exhilarating display to RIAT spectators this summer."

Now entering their 14th display season, the Blades Aerobatic Team are among the most experienced display pilots. They are also the only aerobatic airline in the world, meaning they can take paying passengers into the sky to experience flying in a formation display.

Blade one continues, "As the only aerobatic airline in the world, made up of former Red Arrow pilots, the team will demonstrate its military heritage through precision close-formation aerobatics. Look out for our high-performance Extra 300 aircraft cutting through the Gloucestershire skies very soon!"

The team have flown over 3,500 passengers in their 14 display seasons and are part of 2Excel Aviation based at Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire.

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28 February 2019

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