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REVIEW: JOUST at Sudeley Castle

JOUST at Sudeley Castle - Photo by Steve Green

As seasoned joust go-ers, we are a suitably discerning audience for Saturday’s afternoon of jousting at Sudeley Castle.

Daughter Six and Son Eight proudly know their knights from their squires, their lances from their staffs, even if husband and I do not. We know what we are looking for in our medieval entertainment; we want drama, we want action, we want stunts, we want a hero, and we want a villain. But most importantly, we want someone to fall off their horse.

Sat in the sun on the grass, picnic blanket splayed, kids clad in their tunics with their sword and bow-and-arrow put to one side, we soak in the bright decorated flags, tents, and decorated horses, the rousing music, the swish of an inpatient horses tail, the basket of peasant heads...

We arrived at the jousting field after a full explore of Sudeley Castle and Gardens, via the storytelling tent, with tales of dragon taming and chivalry, ready to cheer, ready to boo, ready to suspend disbelief and believe we really had gone back in time.

And it’s really not that hard to do. Sudeley Castle is a stunning venue for the day, catapulting us back to a time in which knights compete, horses wear the dresses, and ladies dress as boys called Bob.

As we stroll over to the BBQ tent afterwards, Six sums up what we are all thinking, “Best we’ve seen”, she says. “Can we come again tomorrow?”, asks Eight.

by Rubalie

Explore Gloucestershire
11 May 2019

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