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Flying the flag in Lechlade - Lechlade Flag Festival

Lechlade Flag festival

The 13th annual Flag Festival will take place in Lechlade over the summer months.

The initiative, between Lechlade Town Council and Lechlade & District Lions, runs from Sunday 23rd June to Sunday 8th September.

Flags are designed and created by clubs and associations, businesses and residents of Lechlade and bring an array of colour to the town.

Chair of the organising committee and Deputy Mayor of Lechlade, Nigel Laing said, “The Flag Festival brings an added vibrancy to Lechlade over the busy summer season.  Visitors and residents alike enjoy the spectacle, there will be over 50 flags on display.”

Lechlade’s high street has seen a welcome trend in new businesses launching over recent months.  Three further additions are antiques and collectables shop The Cat’s Pyjamas; Eclectic Spirit, offering spiritual items, tarot and reiki healing; and a perfumery, selling handmade fragrances, due to open later in June.

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4 June 2019


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