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Giant sculptural kites take to the air during Kite Day at Taurus Crafts

Kite day at Taurus Crafts

The skies above Taurus Crafts are set to be awash with colour as giant sculptural kites take to the air at the annual Kite Day event.

The spectacle will be happening on Sunday 13th October, 11am until 4pm and is run in collaboration with the professionals of Avon Kite Flyers club who will be putting on the display throughout the day.  The club flyers bring out all of their big kites to really make an impact and hope to promote the enjoyment of kite flying and provide a friendly focus for kite flyers of all ages, abilities and depths of interest.

“Kite day event is all about simple pleasures and sharing experiences with friends and family, even just flying a kite can be great fun for all ages”.

The event happens on Taurus Crafts event field and features a large space for public kite flying adjacent to the experts showcase flying area, so all kite flying visitors are welcome. The Kite Club will also be helping families make their own kites in a workshop that gives those with a crafty nature but no kite the opportunity to get involved in the fun.

The workshops are £5 and run from 11.00-1.00 and 2.00-4.00.

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30 September 2019

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