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REVIEW: Peter Pan Goes Wrong at the Everyman Theatre

REVIEW: Peter Pan Goes Wrong at the Everyman Theatre

The Everyman Theatre is lucky enough to be the starting point for this highly anticipated latest production from the extremely talented Mischief Theatre. Peter Pan Goes Wrong opened in Cheltenham this week before it embarks on its UK Tour.

The classic tale from the pen of J.M.Barry tells the enchanting story of the boy who wouldn’t grow up. It has been adapted for the stage and film many times, but this production proves to be a masterpiece in a class of its own.

If you’re expecting a slick performance then you’re in the wrong place, but if you’re after an evening of hilarious entertainment then sit back and enjoy the ride as blunder after blunder affect the smooth (a term used loosely) running of this humdinger of a play. The saying that ‘the show must go on’ is put to the test with a cast that you grow to love more and more as the evening progresses. The entire audience roared with laughter throughout the whole fiasco as it stumbled along and round and round its fabulous set. You find yourself becoming engrossed as you’re constantly searching for the next calamity to occur, and you certainly never have to wait long - ‘we were totally hooked’. The cast must have had a blast from the first rehearsals, right through to the final polished performance - and if something really went wrong you’d probably never ever realise!

We’re sure we won’t be the first to rate Peter Pan Goes Wrong with a “Ten out of Ten”, “Five Star”, awesome review as the tour moves on to awaiting theatres.

Wanting to return for the next days performance, we really can’t recommend Peter Pan Goes Wrong enough - if you want to catch a great night out, you’ll have to be quick with tickets selling out fast!

Peter Pan Goes Wrong continues at The Everyman Theatre Cheltenham until Saturday 2 November.

Photo credit: Alastair Muir

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23 October 2019

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