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Baby Boom at Birdland

Birdland Park & Gardens

Keepers at Birdland Park and Gardens are looking after a flock of new arrivals following a late summer baby boom.
The Bourton-on-the-Water wildlife attraction is welcoming a host of new feathered friends, including a pair of newly hatched flamingo chicks, a galah, lovebirds, speckled pigeons and weaver birds.
Among the other newcomers is a collared finchbill chick, a first for Birdland, along with five Blacksmith Plovers, two grey peacock pheasants, a red billed quelea and several Java Sparrows.
Keepers are also celebrating after their cassowaries produced a clutch of giant green eggs. Cassowary chicks are incredibly rare in the UK and the team hope the pair will go on to breed in the new year.
“It’s been a successful summer for new chicks and we’re delighted to see some birds breed for the very first time here,” said Head Keeper Alistair Keen.
“Breeding is a great indication the birds are happy and healthy and is also a really important part of our role as a wildlife collection as many of them are now at risk in the wild,” he added.
In addition to all the births, Birdland has also welcomed a number of new birds from other collections around the world including six scarlet ibis, azure wing magpies, masked plovers and a female seriema.
With its combination of woodland, riverside and gardens, Birdland features more than 500 birds, ranging from birds of prey and parrots to cassowaries and cranes in a mix of free-flying and aviary displays. It is also home to England’s only colony of breeding king penguins.
Birdland Park and Gardens, Rissington Rd, Bourton-on-the-Water, Glos, GL54 2BN. Open Daily From 10am (Except Christmas Day). See website via the link below for more information.

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7 September 2023

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