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Famous flamingo artist at WWT Slimbridge

Events at WWT Slimbridge

An exhibition featuring flamingos by one of the UK’s most collected artists will be opening at WWT Slimbridge on January 19.
Cotswold artist Jeremy Houghton will be bringing an exhibition of large scale oils and monochromatic watercolours to the Cheng-Kim Loke Gallery as part of the ‘Flight’ exhibition.
WWT Slimbridge is a fitting setting for his beautiful works as it has the UK’s largest flock of flamingos and is one of the main UK sites for research into flamingos.
Jeremy said: “Slimbridge is the perfect setting to exhibit my most recent ornithological studies. The late great Sir Peter Scott founded this Wetland Centre – he too enjoyed painting birds in flight, so it feels very right to continue and support his legacy.”

Jeremy became inspired by the flamingo when he was living and working in South Africa. His work explores the movement and energy of a flock.
He added: “You don’t have to live long in Africa for it to get under your skin. I lived there for six years and it has continued to inspire my work eight years later. The flamingo caught my eye whilst travelling up and down the continent, and ever since this has been the symbol/motif/tool I have used to explore the concepts of light, movement space with my painting practise.”
Beverley Hardman, Gallery manager, said: “Our visitors love to see paintings in the gallery of birds that they can see here and flamingos are one of the key focuses of a day out at WWT Slimbridge.
“Jeremy’s work really captures the beauty of these enigmatic birds.”

Alongside Jeremy’s work there will be pieces by Danish artist Ben Woodhams who is a watercolour painter and printer and Laura Spindler a textile artist.
Ben draws or paints directly whilst out in the field, or uses his sketchbooks as a source of inspiration for more composed watercolour studies and lino-cut prints.
The gallery show within the Visitor Centre will run until March 10.

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6 December 2013

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