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Triplet lambs mark the start of Lambing & Kidding at Cotswold Farm Park!

Lambs at Cotswold Farm Park

Last week, Cotswold Farm Park opened their doors to the public for the start of their Lambing & Kidding event. The popular visitor attraction’s 600 ewes and goats are expecting their little ones to arrive over the next 10 weeks and visitors have begun enjoying encounters with their new-borns.
To visitors’ excitement, the Farm Park had their first arrival of triplet lambs on Wednesday which kickstarted this year’s spring action, before the Farm Park unfortunately had to temporarily close on Friday due to Storm Eunice.
With over a thousand lambs expected this season, the ewes have been split into pens in the Animal Barn based on the number of lambs that they're expecting. The Farm Park explained to us that each of the pens have a well-managed diet which includes grass silage, molasses, straw, mineral powder and beans, with controlled amounts given based on the number of lambs each ewe is carrying.
Throughout their opening week, the Farm Park’s experts welcomed visitors into the Animal Barn to watch the ewes, listen to lambing talks and ask questions about the flock.
Farmer & TV presenter, Adam Henson, shared with us “It’s been fantastic to welcome everyone back into the Farm Park and to see them engaged in learning about our ewes. They’ve been enthusiastic to watch a live birth and have been asking great questions about our flock!”

As well as having a chance to watch a live birth, visitors enjoyed meeting a wide variety of spring new-borns including guinea pigs and piglets, and their favourite Farm Park characters, such as Prince the Highland bull.

  • The public can watch the lambs and kids arrive between 14th February and 24th April.
  • Lambing talks take place daily at 11:00am, 12:45pm, 2:30pm and 3:45pm.
  • Tickets can be booked online, in advance from

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20 February 2022

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