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Animals descend on a castle in the Cotswolds!

CoExistence animals at Sudeley Castle & Gardens

The animals went two by two: An ark full of lions, crocodiles and elephants at Sudeley Castle and Gardens to spread message of wildlife CoExistence

A procession of life-sized rhino, hippo, zebra and orangutan sculptures made with natural materials have arrived at one of Gloucestershire’s most loved and top-rated historical sites. The CoExistence attraction is a celebration of all creatures and spreads a universal message of conservation and peaceful coexistence with nature. Visitors can expect to encounter almost 30 sculptures, spanning ten iconic species of the animal kingdom, when the castle opens to the public on 7th March.

A procession of life-sized rhino, hippo, zebra, orangutan and elephant sculptures have arrived at one of Gloucestershire’s most loved and top-rated historical sites.

Sudeley Castle and Gardens is launching its main attraction for 2022, CoExistence. Open to visitors on 7th March, CoExistence is centred around stunning and beautifully crafted animal sculptures, presented two by two.

The attraction is to celebrate all creatures and spread a universal message of conservation and peaceful coexistence with nature.

Hosted at the castle and in partnership with charities, Elephant Family and the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (GWT), and local environmental initiative, Winchcombe Green Town, the attraction marks the start of a long-term plan to enrich biodiversity across the Sudeley estate, create new habitats for nature and serve as an outdoor space for creative learning about the natural world.

CoExistence at Sudeley Castle and Gardens is the next chapter in a story that began during lockdown 2021 when 30 elephant sculptures migrated across the castle grounds. Each member of the returning herd is modelled on a real-life counterpart that roams the forests, plantations, and towns in the Nilgiri Hills of Southern India. Each sculpture has been created by skilled indigenous communities who live alongside wild elephants and carries the stories and knowledge of how they share space and coexist with people.
For more information about the CoExistence attraction at Sudeley Castle and Gardens and to book tickets, please visit:

The elephants will be joined at Sudeley Castle and Gardens by a variety of other species, all made from natural materials such as pampas grass, bark and flowers by All for Love London, a bespoke, internationally known florist.
The castle and its grounds have stood the test of time and are steeped in 1,000 years of history. CoExistence as a concept and a mission in supporting conservation globally and locally ensures Sudeley Castle and Gardens has a strong purpose when the environment, ecosystems and biodiversity are currently big issues.
CoExistence also coincides with the Platinum Jubilee year and every tree planted at the estate in 2022 will form part of the Queen’s Green Canopy.

Located in the heart of the picturesque Cotswolds, Sudeley Castle and Gardens is home to fascinating treasures from ancient Rome to the present day. Owned by and the home of Elizabeth, Lady Ashcombe, the castle is surrounded by a breath-taking 1,200-acre estate with 10 award-winning gardens. It is also the only private castle in England to have had a queen laid to rest - Katherine Parr, the last of Henry VIII’s six wives.

Elizabeth, Lady Ashcombe, said:
“The return of ten beautiful elephant sculptures to Sudeley Castle and Gardens marks the launch of our 2022 season. This year, visitors will discover some of the best loved animals from around the world as they follow the Sudeley Safari trail across the grounds.  Along with the elephants, visitors will discover orangutans, rhino, crocodiles, zebras and hippo – all made from natural materials.
"The elephants have returned to Sudeley Castle and Gardens to share their story about the inspiring ways we can coexist with all other living beings that make our world magical –  from caterpillars to camels to nightingales and elephants. Sudeley Castle is proud to partner with Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, Elephant Family and Winchcombe Green Town.”

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2 March 2022 

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