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New guided electric biking tours comes to the Cotswolds

Guided electric mountain biking tours titled ‘cotswoldetours’ launches in the cotswolds.

Cotswoldetours, a guided electric mountain biking tour service, has opened its doors to people everywhere in the Cotswolds and beyond. With a mission to provide unique adventures that are impossible to obtain from simply renting a bike and following a map, Founder Ian Hunter, who also acts as Lead Tour Guide, has created an experience that both UK-based and international tourists are keen to try as the world continues to open up.

The specifics of each tour are simple: groups, containing no more than six people, will be guided on a four hour journey in the Five Valleys throughout Stroud, Gloucestershire. With regular stops to take in the sights, there will be the option to picnic or take a break at one of the many great local pubs in the area. Morning rides will be available throughout the year and evening rides will be available during the peak summer months.

With the exclusive use of e-bikes and the guidance of an experienced leader, Ian Hunter ensures accessible excursions into the secluded, tucked-away spots which are unlikely to be discovered without that expert, local knowledge. With tours that will introduce visitors to some of the best local sights in the Five Valleys area, the guided tour company is well poised to enhance the market for unique experiences in the richly endowed Cotswolds.

Ian Hunter brings decades of mountain biking experience to the table, both locally and internationally, and Cotswoldetours was inspired by the many positive experiences he enjoyed with guided tours in some amazing and unfamiliar locations. Cotswoldetours is committed to providing all riders with the best experience possible. When each tour ends, we are confident that each of them will leave with fond memories and a new appreciation for the outstanding countryside in this fabulous part of the Cotswolds.

The unique set-up and innovative new experience stems from concerns for sustainability as well as accessibility. Electric mountain bikes ensure that not only can almost anyone take part in a ride, but that regular riding doesn’t harm the wonderful sights that many of us are keen to explore. From the beginning, founder Ian Hunter knew that there was a way to balance both these concerns – providing an experience that’s environmentally conscious and deliberately inclusive. "It's been such fun building Cotswoldetours and I'm so proud to offer guided, off-road tours'', said Ian Hunter, Founder and Lead Tour Guide, “and I’m looking forward to sharing my love of the Cotswolds with people eager to try a new cycling experience.”

The launch of the company includes a sleek digital presence - both through a fresh website and dedicated Facebook & Instagram pages - all designed to describe the service in clear and accessible language. Further details regarding the inspiration for the company and behind the scenes content can be found across these platforms. Booking is as simple as going to the booking page, selecting a date & time, and paying through whichever option is most convenient for you.

The tours are designed for anyone and everyone who wants to try out an electric bike in an off-road environment. The route is a loop, so we start and finish at the same point, and Ian has intentionally crafted this as an experience for the unconverted – to show people that, with just a little effort and average ability, they can get on an electric bike and enjoy a fabulous Cotswolds adventure.

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3 May 2022


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