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Days out in the Cotswolds - Batsford Arboretum

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First pictures of Cotswold Farm Park’s new Suffolk Punch foal

Cotswold Farm Park

Last week, to the excitement of Adam Henson and the team at Cotswold Farm Park, the popular visitor attraction’s Suffolk Punch mare, Lexy, gave birth to a gorgeous chestnut filly.
The rare breed mare and her new addition are healthy and well and are currently staying with expert breeders, Mike and Alison, at Holbeache Suffolks where they are forming a strong bond together.
The Farm Park and Adam Henson put out a call on social media yesterday asking their followers to help pick a name for the newborn.
Adam Henson said: “Can you help me name this gorgeous foal? I’m very pleased to announce that Lexy gave birth to her newborn on May 1st and I’m delighted to share that she had a filly!”
Visitors can share their suggestions for a name by commenting on @adamhenson_ or @cotswoldfarmpark ‘s recent social posts.
This magnificent heavy horse breed is critically endangered, so it’s with the help of mares like Lexy and dedicated breeders that the Farm Park are able to support an increase in their numbers.
The Farm Park will be sharing an announcement soon with details on when Lexy and her filly will be arriving at their paddock. Follow @cotswoldfarmpark to be the first to know. Tickets to meet the herds can be booked in advance via the link below.

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10 May 2022

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