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Freaky Friday at Cotswold Farm Park

Freaky Friday at Cotswold Farm Park

NEW to the Cotswolds and Gloucestershire this Halloween holidays.

'Freaky Friday' at Cotswold Farm Park!

A special evening event for ages 12+, with thriller maze and live actors.

It’s so dark, you can barely see where you are, but you can hear your own breath, short from running.
The tractor that brought you here is long gone.
You can’t get your bearings, you can just see walls of crops surrounding you.
Your teeth chatter. Your hand grips your torch more tightly.
Who is that figure on the bridge? Where’s the exit?
You must find your way out...

  • When: Friday 27th October, 6pm – 10pm
  • Where: Cotswold Farm Park (Get Directions)

Explore Gloucestershire
11 October 2017

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