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BattleSports Glos

BattleSports Glos
Elton Farm Leisure, Littledean Road, Newnham, Glos, GL14 1JU

07587 144424


About BattleSports Glos

Outdoor Combat Missions on a Multi-Acre Battlefield.
BattleSports is the ‘LIVE’ version of the best computer war games.
BattleSports Glos use the most up to date guns on the market – with instant audio and visual feedback, Rumbleforce feedback and a full colour screen.
Laser combat is totally safe - no projectiles mean no bruises and no need to wear masks!

Missions include Capture the Flag, Extraction, and VIP and can be set up for:

  • Adult Groups 
  • Kids Parties
  • Stag/Hen 
  • Families
  • Corporate 
  • Mobile & Holiday Events

    Events include:
  • Series of Missions and Campaigns
  • Choice of Weapons available including the Scorpion and MP-7
  • Full Safety Briefings
  • Battle Overalls and Camo Face Paint
  • Unlimited Ammunition
  • Soft Drinks
  • Full supervision from experienced Marshals

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