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REVIEW: Mrs. Warren's Profession at the Everyman Theatre

REVIEW: Mrs. Warren's Profession at the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

The latest production from the Everyman Theatre opened to a nearly full house.

Too controversial to be performed when it was written in 1893, George Bernard Shaw’s play was not actually deemed suitable for a respectable audience until 1925.  Set at the end of the Victorian era the play looks at the roles of women in society and the relationship between Mrs. Warren and her daughter Vivie.

This play has a superb cast including Sue Holderness as Mrs. Kitty Warren and Christopher Timothy as Sir George Crofts. Emily Woodward is excellent as Vivie Warren the daughter, who has established herself as a confident and educated young woman with a bright future ahead of her.  Mrs. Warren arranges to meet Vivie at her home with a friend and potential suitor, the handsome architect Mr. Praed (Christopher Bowen) and her business partner, Sir George. The son of the local Reverend, Frank (Ryan Saunders) is a good friend of Vivie but he also has romantic intentions towards her. He and his father join the group when it becomes apparent that the Reverend Samuel Gardener (Richard Derrington) is indeed already acquainted with Mrs. Warren.   

Vivie is quite horrified to discover that her mother’s wealth and her own upbringing were in fact the result of  hers mothers earnings  as the Madame of a number of brothels throughout Europe.  Kitty Warren tries to justify her decisions to her daughter, but the plot thickens as it also becomes apparent that Vivies father is one of her guests. 

The opening scene of the play is one of a bright and vivid country garden  and the scenery changes effortlessly throughout to follow the mood and storyline of  the play. The costumes reflect the fashion of the period, and those worn by Mrs. Warren are rather extravagant and in keeping for a woman of substance. 

This was a brave production from the Everyman Theatre, filled with wit and a great cast and we are sure that it will continue to captivate its audience on its future tour. 

Mrs. Warrens Profession runs until Saturday 27 June 2015.

Tour dates:
30 June – 4 July: Salisbury Playhouse

7 – 11 July: Exeter Northcott Theatre
14 - 18 July: Oxford Playhouse
21 – 25 July: Cambridge Arts Centre
28 July – 1 August: Malvern Theatres

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20 June 2015

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