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22 Great Events at Berkeley Castle in 2024

Jousting at Berkeley Castle

What a great line-up of events at Berkeley Castle this year!

Berkeley Castle, a historic gem nestled in Gloucestershire, offers a captivating journey through time. With its rich history dating back centuries, the castle hosts a variety of events this year.

From Goeorgous Georgians to a Strictly Come Dancing Exhibition, from outdoor theatre to family magic shows, and from not just one but two Jousting events, to two Dinosaur Days - Berkeley Castle is the place to go for a great family day out in Gloucestershire in 2024!

We have compiled a list of events at Berkeley Castle this year - there's something for all tastes and ages - so check them out here and remember to book in advance to secure your special day out in Gloucestershire with family, friends and loved ones.

What's On at Berkeley Castle in 2024





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31 March 2024

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